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  Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  April 29, 2011 9:44pm-10:21pm EDT

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we will also show this tomorrow morning on c-span just before "washington journal." >> real-estate developer and potential gop presidential candidate donald trump spoke yesterday to a group of republicans in las vegas. he spoke about president obama's handling of foreign issues and he also commented on the release of his birth certificate. his speech comes to us courtesy of a loss biggest television station. this 35 minute event contains language that some viewers might find offensive. >> i was traveling up to new hampshire. i was in a helicopter. i got a call. i was just about to exit the helicopter and, what happens? i hear that obama finally gave his birth certificate. [applause]
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i got such credit for that because i accomplished something that nobody else has accomplished. [applause] it was amazing. they all said, "hillary clinton tried to get him to do it. bill clinton tried to get him to do it. john mccain, who is a wonderful guy, try to get him to do it here "nobody could get him to do it. he did it because we went after him hard with tough negotiators, like this country needs. i just ask one thing -- why did he not do it two or three years ago? why does he have to put this country through turmoil, which is what it is going through right now? i will give you an example. obamacare is a disaster. [applause] i know lots about litigation.
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overall, i understand the system. we are going through a process right now -- either you have it or you do not have it. why do we have to go through the lower courts? why do we not let it go straight to the supreme court's? why did he not do it three years ago? i have a lot of france that -- friends whose companies or destroyed over obamacare. the court could overrule it very quickly and very easily. now they spend millions of dollars changing the documents and doing everything you have to do. then the courts can take a vote and loose. by the way, that was a great vote. [applause] you say, why do you not just
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allow it to go to the supreme court? if the wind, great. if you lose, great. at least we would know what the hell we are doing. i want to thank phil ruffin. he is my friend. we have a successful building. we have a building right down the road called trump international hotel and tower. we are very proud of that. it is one of the great signs of all time, right down the middle of thes strip. he has been a great partner and a great friend. more importantly, he is a great guy for the state of nevada.
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he is a great guy for lost biggest -- las vegas. when i was thinking about obama, i said i was going to come here and make a speech. i remember a few used -- a few years ago when obama did a big bang on not coming to las vegas. he did not do it once, he did it twice. i have a lot of friends that were not happy. all sorts of people canceled out. you look at what you have. even now, unemployment is over 13%. we have the president saying, "do not go to las vegas." number one in foreclosures in the nation. i do not want to make you depressed, but this is what you have got. [laughter] york visitors have decreased
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markedly and the gaming revenue, as you understand, is way down. there are some serious problems, yet when we have a president, we have to have the cheerleader. i have seen the best politicians. but donald, you are running for president? do you have any experience in politics? i have dealt with these fricking .oliticians all my life perio [laughter] they are fine. some are good, some are honest, some are crooks. they come in all shapes and sizes. but i think it is good. having the perspective that i have as a businessman -- and i had made a lot of money. i have done well. if you are in new york, we only have democrats.
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[laughter] somebody said, he did not contribute to republicans. the polls come out, the republican is scheduled to get 4% of the vote if he does well. he comes up to my office. "mr. trott, i think i can get 5% or 6%." speaking of polls, as you probably just saw, the rasmussen poll just came out. who is number one? trump. [applause] look, i have never done this before. who the hell knows what will happen. i have always heard from the time i was a young guy that a really successful person cannot run for high political office. i have heard it 100 times. you cannot run. people are saying, "donald,
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please do not run." process, baby, i love you, too. they are saying, "please do not run. you were not nice to these people from china." they love money in china. one deal, i owned a large chunk of the bank of america building in san francisco. did i do well with the chinese? he said, "you certainly did." we need somebody. when china, this year, is going to make -- let's call it a profit. they are going to make this year $300 billion. then these idiots say, "you do not want to trade." of course i do not want to trade when they take $300 billion. i want to trade for the break
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even. why should we not make for a change? [applause] now, what china has really done is they have manipulated their currency. they are professionals at manipulation. they are abusing this country like we have never been abused before, except for opec. i had them in a special category. the d.c. recently a couple of days ago where saudi arabia said, "let's raise the price and cut back production." you are going to be paying $5 to $6 a gallon for gasoline pretty soon. they want to raise the price of oil because we have nobody in washington that sits back and says, "you are not going to raise that fucking price, do you understand me?" [cheers and applause]
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it is unbelievable. we are in libya. begin a part of the reason we are in libya? because the arab league, which is saudi arabia and a few of the other richest countries in the world -- they have money coming out of their ears. you go to these countries and see the most incredible airports being built or already built. ec bridges that make the george washington bridge look like a toy. you see the most unbelievable things and you come home -- we are like a third world nation. you land at what guardia -- la guardia. it is broken. it is dirty. i do not mind going over
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potholes' in my car, but i do mind in planes. but would not be there except for us. libya, saudi arabia, and the others say, "we do not like gaddafi. we would like you to take them out." obama said, ok." we formed a group -- nato is us. nato is largely us. we do not even have control over what the hell we are doing. gaddafi is driving down the street waving at everybody. can you believe this? listen to this one -- do is the leader of the group? france. france wanted to go in first. of course, we have not seen them sense, but they were there the first day and they got all the glamour. [applause] they form a group and they go
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in and at obama talks about the regime -- we do not want to kill or hurt anybody, we want to change government -- nobody knows what the hell he is talking about. you know the other thing about libya that really bothers me? it always gets back to china. while we are spending billions of dollars being policeman of the world, china is spending $1 billion a day buying the world. i just told an apartment for $33 million. only in new york can this happen. the apartment was just sold in a building i have on central park. it was sold to chinese gentleman. i get to know a lot of people from china. they looked at me -- about two months ago they stopped talking to me so much. [applause] they are saying, "shit, the
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believe we are talking to this guy?" it is amazing. [applause] they sit there and, before i did this, -- they are competitors -- they say, "we do not believe the government allows us to do this. are they stupid?" i say, "absolutely. they are stupid." i do not blame them. i blame our leaders. here we have to signup ripping this country off like nobody has ever seen before. we have the president of china, a few months ago to washington and we give him a state dinner. when people are screwing you, you do not give them state dinners. you do not do it. [applause]
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we send them home. you heard my statement, right? what we do is sit down in my office a couple of hours. we either make a deal where you stop manipulating your currency or not. if you make a deal, we can have a state dinner. if we do not make a deal, you take mcdonald's and you go home. that is it. [applause] now the chinese economy has grown so fast. it is unbelievable. we had very bad news on our economy. it is not growing. you say, "how can it grow? ben bernanke said the jobs would not come back for a long time. i think he mentioned five years. alcan you have jobs come back when every time i want to buy a product -- as an example,
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television. as you know, i buy a lot of televisions. thousands of television sets. i wanted an american company. my people look at me like i am crazy. there is no american company. fromnded up buying lg's south korea. a great television set, but why are we not making them? i like the people of south korea. i do business with them. i made a great deal with them in new york. they were wonderful. here is what happened recently. we have this contract that will be signed with south korea. it is a big deal. barron trump would not sign it from our standpoint because it is so bad. he is 4-years old. a moron would not sign it. nobody would sign it. what happened is our president does their and he wants to sign,
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but they do not want to sign because they want better. it is not good enough to just what the hell out a bus, they want even more. now what happens is times for a little bit different and a couple of bombs get mauled to the island from north korea. now all this sudden north korea is hitting them with some bonds. the call us and say, "we would like very much to sign contracts. you are a wonderful trading partner. we love you very much. by the way, would you mind sending a great aircraft carrier and about 17 destroyers because north korea is shooting at us." what do we do? we have this great aircraft carrier head over to north korea. we have the whole navy -- a big portion of our navy is going over there. north korea says, "this is bad news." and they stop.
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we signed a terrible agreement. did i say to somebody, "to start up the engine on a carrier like the george washington -- we know. the what do have a great airplane. they say the rolls-royce is the finest engine in the world. i said i would take your word for it. i do not have to hear the engine. listen to this. we send to george washington with all of the side ships and the destroyers. do you know how much they paid us? nothing. we are stupid. our leaders are stupid. they are stupid.
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it is very sad. there are so many stories like that. do you know how many soldiers, thousands and thousands, in between south and correa. they give us nothing. they take our trade. i would say thank you, i will think about that. i would make you very happy about it. we have thousands of troops. how would you like to be sitting between north korea and south korea and a barak? if they are in danger. -- in a barrack? it they are in danger. we are going to protect you. we are going to make sure you are in good shape.
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you are going to pay for it. you are going to pay for it. do you want to know something? they would do it in two minutes. somebody said these people were so protective of president obama. it is unbelievable. some reporters comeuppance de "you do not mean that." -- and say, "you do not mean that." he is good. he is good. i am telling you. are you all right? take it easy. i've never seen anybody protected like this guy. if you look at what he is doing -- i said something and it came out about to three weeks ago. contractors?
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i have been thinking about it for a long time. when we went to iraq, it they said we are going to iraq and they have weapons of mass destruction. they did not. they did not knock down the world trade center. they also killed in terrorist. now it is like going to the harvard of terrorism. if he wanted to go to iraq, it is the wharton school of finance for terrorism. the terrorist said "no way i am going there." we have decapitated their army. they have no army. the leaders hate us. i didn't even think a shot is going to be fired. this will be risky. a lot of people might not get it.
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the reporters do not get it. do you know who gets it? the people get it. you are smarter than the best. i have been dealing with the press. some is fair and honorable. some are horrible people. i really mean that. they had a horrible relationship with a lot of people. some are great. not all. upon information and belief, iran, which has been fighting with iraq forever coming years and years that is the way it involved. one would push 10 feet this way. then they go back home. okay? the real equal. now we have decapitated iraq.
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i ran which is looking to take over the entire -- the rebels you hear the talked about the rebels carrying the flag. i hear -- have all we get rid of gadaffi? we are ready in there for a billion dollars. we did not give anything from libya. i am interested in libya if we keep the oil. some said that is a sovereign nation. give me a break. is have since with iraq' similar. we spend a lot. we spend 1.5 trillion dollars so far. we can build a big chunk of our country for that.
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we go to afghanistan in we go to iraq. we go to school and we build a road. they blow up the school and we build another one. in the meantime we cannot get a fucking school built. it is unbelievable. when i heard we were going to iraq, somebody said we were going to the oil. i said that makes sense. that is smart. a k? now i am saying that makes sense. the second largest oil deal in the world, it the second largest reserve in the world, $15 trillion. that does a lot to solve our deficit problem. does it not? $15 trillion.
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seconds after saudi arabia. here is what we do. we go into iraq and a guesstimate their army. we have policemen. we have a police man over here. everybody hates us. what i say is simply very sinister. iran within 15 minutes after we leave one not be fighting. they will walk into iraq. they will take over iraq. there will take over the oil wells. we lost thousands of soldiers with the tens of thousands of soldiers. i see it in new york. they are seriously wounded people,.
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these are tens of thousands. we had 15 trillion dollars worth of oil that we will hand over to iran. i said it will not happen if i am president. it will not happen if i am president. what we do is very simple. i explain this three weeks ago for the first time. we stayed. we get our great oil company. we get plenty to iraq. it is now obsolete crap. it did not know what they are doing. give me a break. we go into iraq. i am like an old fashioned warrior. in the old days when you had a war and you won it, it was
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yours. when we have a war, we go and, we lose thousands of lives, attends a thousands wounded, spend $1.50 trillion and then we leave. what do we do this for. i said we go in and we take the oil. i think bill o'reilly is great. somebody else said that it is a sovereign nation. we cannot do that. they got wiped out. they've got nothing. if iran were not going to take it over, which that are 100%, not 95%. one of these bloodsucking politicians has been bullshitting and will get elected. they will leave and someone else
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will get elected. if that happens, i ran takes over the oil. did they become a force like never before in history. they've been takeover for saudia arabia. i would protected if they paid as. otherwise, i am not interested. i am not interested in paying any of them unless they pay. we have a great ally. think of this. we have a great ally over they = caller: = here. iran wants to blow them off of the world. we cannot even beat bolivia. our leadership is weak and that that it.
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they are going to have so much money. we do not do anything about it. when they takeover, there is no way we go back. we will not have the stomach to go back. what is going to happen to israel when you have them controlling crop bill probably libya. they are going to control everything over there. 99 cent of the people want to break the peace treaty with israel. did you see that? 99%. we have problems. we have week empathetic leadership.
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we have incompetent leadership. i am going to make a decision. i love my life. i am having a great time. i built a great company. i have one of the talk shows on nbc. it is doing great. even the new york times certification in nice piece about a talking how great the readings were. it is a great show. i've had to give a lot to step up. it is peanuts compared to the importance of this country. when i see what opec is doing,
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when i see what china is doing, china, it is hard to buy anything. semblance of what can you do? i would drop a 25% tax on china. the messenger is important. i could have one man say we are going to do this 25%. you have said the same exact thing. it is a different messenger. i tell you what will happen.
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i'm a lover and not a fighter. i will tell you something. when they really believe that, when they do not have, does everyone remember that? we do not have obama having the state dinners. we have someone who is tough and smart. when i say your vendor have to put this on their comment they say when everyone knows they are abusing us. everybody knows they are manipulating the currencies. they are brought up on it. we take six months just to put
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it in charge. we are going to charge 25%. the real numbers should be 45%. we can always raise it. when they believe the message, they are going to do wonderful. they are going to give us anything they want. they came out with a statement last week that this is unheard of and unthinkable. in 2016, china is going to eclipsed the united states. if you would have said that 10 years ago, people would have
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laughed at you. china is going to eclipsed us in four years. under the time doctor, that does not happen. do you know why. we are going to -- under the trump doctrine, that does not happen. do you know why? we are going to go to china? look at the deal that general electric made. it does not work that way. we let you very much. the one to sell to us. bilk them en wherever the hell you want it.
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you are not bringing in all your crap including your sheetrock that makes everybody sick. we make a much better project. you cannot compete price wise because of the manipulation. the first thing that happened is that they stop screwing around. here is what happens. about 60% of the will stop. we will increase the hell out of the employment. we will be building plants. we will start building it. they make weaponry. i did not know we even had anything like that anymore. this is high technology stuff. wilcox is great. look it up. they make their own products.
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he will have thousands of those places. if they do not behave, that is even better. we will start building our own. we will tell all these other companies that have to build your own factories. we got to put our own people to work. i will just go one step further. it can happen so fast. if you look at what is going on, you look at what is going on. we cannot drill in the gulf. we cannot drill in alaska. a lot of people find this hard to believe. i received a lot of of our mental awards. in china and other countries, they burn whatever the hell is
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available. that smoke is spewing out of those chimneys. it is cheap as hell. we want to green technology. what are we doing? i believe in green. what we are doing with oil is we have to drill in alaska. we have to drill. we've got to drill. there is so much oil. we have natural gas. we have enough natural gas that all of the oil in the united way -- the entire world put together. we have so much. abu dhabi is very rich.
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did you see what they did? they are making all of their transportation running on natural gas so they can sell these to the united states oil. and i only say this. we had the potential to have a great country again. we are not a great country now. we love it. but we are not a great country. if i win, if i run and if i win, people have a rich country again. we will have a great country again. we will be respected as a
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country again. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. [captioning performed by national c